Guardians of the Galaxy

The Galaxy’s Fate in the Balance

While the plot of GUARDIANS is a comic book staple-ragtag group of misfits must band together to keep an all powerful McGuffian (an orb containing an Infinity jewel) from falling into the hands of a super villain-it is the cast and the characters, more than anything, that make GUARDIANS not just another big screen comic book epic.

I think we really needed a film like this to remind us of how much great, loose fun the genre can still be. In fact, even calling it a superhero movie may be something of a stretch – it spans a number of different classes, plucking fitting elements from each and packing them down into a beautifully odd, curious, colorful bouquet.

Must have, looks great, my favorite comic book movie ever. The bonus features are a nice touch because I was going to buy the blu-ray at first since I was interested in the extras,.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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