Game of Thrones: Season 4

Game of Thrones is one of HBO’s signature series and a huge runaway hit for the network.

What a fantastic season of Game of Thrones this was! So much happened. Every season has one really big episode that everything builds up to, but this one had several. The acting was top notch, maybe the best since the show started. At first I didn’t think Game of Thrones would have a chance at this year’s Emmys since they’re competing against last year’s Breaking Bad finale, but then I saw Tyrion’s trial. WOW, the emotion, the betrayal, the hurt, is all palpable. The Mountain vs the Red Viper fight was amazing, and the ending just as shocking as it was in the book. Arya and the Hound absolutely stole the show this season by the way. If they made a separate show just about them wandering the countryside murdering people, I would watch that show. The battle for the Wall was every bit as epic as the Blackwater, and let’s not forget Daenerys and her ever more difficult to control dragons.

Game of Thrones is a well balanced show, between complex characters, violence, compassion, love, hate, scheming, sex and other human factors that belong to life and a great show. It is the most luring show I have ever seen in my life. I just got the first book, but somehow I feel like I have to save reading it, for fear of loosing something after I read the series. I know I will get just as lost in the book as i do in the show. I want to relish in it like I do watching it and never let go until I die. I just don’t want it to end.

Game of Thrones: Season 4

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